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Vyberte správnou větu.
  1. a) What is the time, please?
    b) What time it is, please?
  2. a) They're some textbooks on the table.
    b) There are some textbooks on the table.
  3. a) She will can finish it.
    b) She may finish that easy homework in time.
  4. a) He is like reading.
    b) What is he like?
  5. a) I must leave for work in ten minutes.
    b) I must leave to work in ten minutes.
  6. a) Where does he working?
    b) Why isn't it working?
  7. a) She will arrive to home at 4 o´clock.
    b) Is he leaving school at 3 o´clock today?
  8. a) It is two to one.
    b) It is thirty-five minutes past four.
Řešení tohoto cvičení :
1 a , 2 b , 3 b , 4 b , 5 a , 6 b , 7 b , 8 a
Řešení z minulého cvičení (znalosti 10):
  1. What is Peter doing this afternoon?
  2. What is your brother´s name?
  3. I am reading a very good book about London.
  4. How many children have you got?
  5. She is thinking of going on holiday.
  6. John is sitting and writing an exercise.
  7. She is reading a book by Davis.
  8. He is coming in two hours.
  9. It is not ready yet.
  10. Is his father working in the garden now?

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